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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names Information

After my previous blog post about how they copied me one of my fans managed to get information on them and found their twitter accounts. I nicely asked Andrew to give me credit for copying me in his "Ghetto Conversation" video which is where he mainly copied me. Not so much the top 60 ghetto black names video he only stole 3 names from me in that but I asked him for credit on twitter and this is what he said

I know for a fact he copied me in his video I have been talking black and acting ghetto since 2006.

 He copied my video "Ms. Shondra 3" so much in it and other videos where I talk black. I have had different accounts on youtube throughout the years I have been on youtube and I made "Ms. Shondra 3" in 2007. He lied and said it was entirely improvised.

 I have been copied by Shane Dawson, Keisha Fabo and these 2 boys. I waited for him to do something and he didn't. I asked him again why he didn't give credit on twitter and he ignored me.

I had my friends go through and gather information on him and I really don't care what ya'll do with it.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names Copied Me

Yeah you all know that video here it is...

These boys were inspired by me 100% and copied me and gave me no credit which they used to appear on Tyra Banks and get all kinds of benefits

Here are the names they stole from me these are all names I created and names my friends used in
videos with me which everybody who knows me will remember

54. Rohondra
44. Barbeesha
28. Sha'Quonda = Sharquanda

Even though he stole just these 3 names I know he watched my videos and was inspired from my act and copied me... need more evidence?

This video was uploaded by "thatboyandrew" that is his username if you look at channels he is subscribed to you will find that he watches Brandon Rogers who used to be my friend in my videos.

Brandon has the usernames: hotbananastud, PrankyBoy, Barbeesha

He also has it to where the username "tastybrandon" will redirect to his hotbananastud account.

Those are all channels that belong to him you can even look at his "Barbeesha" channel and find he has this for his channel description

Now this next video is a video uploaded way before Top 60 Ghetto Black Names was ever created this was fan made and posted to youtube you will even see Brandon (Barbeesha) in this...

Seem familiar?

Yes that whole story he wrote in the description is a bunch of lies yeah he might of made up those names aside from the few he stole from me but he did a complete copy of my version and did another video where he copied me completely

You have to click the link to view because otherwise it would be too small to view from here

I screen recorded this just in case Andrew tries to hide this evidence later on in time.

I screen recorded his subscriptions box where it shows he is subscribed to Brandon Rogers who played
my friend Barbeesha in videos with me

Now on Brandon's PrankyBoy channel he uploaded a video called Mrs. Whitey and the Jacksons which is a video that "thatboyandrew" liked on his channel

This is a video I screen recorded going down all the way through his likes but there's even more evidence

I also have evidence that he liked this video RIGHT BEFORE he uploaded his "Top 60 Ghetto Black Names" video

Yes right before he uploaded that video he liked that video made by Brandon which means he knew about me and Brandon (Barbeesha) right before uploading his video

Here is a video "thatboyandrew" made called "Ghetto Conversation" please watch this and tell me this is not a direct copy of my act!

Here is his "Ghetto Conversation" video

Notice how he says "Milk duds" which is something I would say all the time!

Here is one of my real popular videos from 2007 where I said "Milk duds" and talk real ghetto and say cornbread.

Here is another video I made in 2007 called "Pretend Phone Conversation" I have made other videos just like this where I talk on a pretend phone

I have been around online since 2006 and top 60 ghetto black names was made in 2009

Funny enough he says "the rest are parodies" meanwhile he STOLE names and material from me...

Now if you need proof that I have been around before 2009 before they created "Top 60 Ghetto Black Names" I can also provide evidence of that using the web archive "way back machine"

This goes all the way back into 2007 this is when I first registered the domain name "" but I started making videos in 2006 

There are also other videos on youtube made by people who have talked about me even before top 60 ghetto black names was around here is one of those videos

What more proof do you need?

I wish more people knew the truth yeah he was inspired from me and stole material from me I hope anybody who views all of this believes me cause I really hate that he did this and gave me no credit what so ever.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Giovanna Plowman... YIKES!

I am going to use my blog to fully explain my experience with Giovanna Plowman aka the nasty girl who ate she own used tampon.

I came across a twitter account with the name "Giovanna Plowman" and the twitter url was "plowholeholla_" and it was starting to get real popular. This twitter account I found kept saying how the "ItsGiovannaP" twitter was a fake and that she is the real Giovanna and she never said anything negative about Ariana Grande. I saw this and I was like okay well as soon as you show some sort of proof that you are the real Giovanna I will believe you.

This was long before she ever made that confession video and lots of folk kept saying that she needed to prove otherwise so she proved that she was the real Giovanna by posting a photo of her on that twitter with a piece of paper on her mirror that says her twitter name was "plowholeholla_" so it was the real Giovanna. When I saw that I started to feel bad for her only because she kept saying how nice she is and everything and how the twitter was fake and she was feeling bullied. I decided to post something about it on tumblr to help her - My Post

As soon as I posted about it on my tumblr I responded to her on twitter and showed her what I posted - Me Showing Giovanna

Soon after she responded to my tweet saying thank you and I was like aww you're welcome hon!

She was making several tweets about following people and I asked if she would follow me and she did - Giovanna Following Me

After all of that was finished one of my fans who was a personal friend of Giovanna's messaged me on Facebook and said how my posts on twitter made him miss Giovanna and I was like oh she is your friend or something? He was like yeah she is I need to tell her more about you sometime and I was like oh that's lovely as hell.

After all of this I talked to her friend off and on for a while but I never really talked to Giovanna or anything but I saw that she unfollowed me on twitter and I was like uhh hold the fuck up! I messaged her friend about it and this is what he had said

So yeah that is my story hons and Giovanna if you are reading this gurrl you is nasty and grotesque get'chu some help okay?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sharolaid Usernames

I am making this post to ask that if anybody happens to have the following accounts that I am going to list below I am going to ask if they could please find a way to get in contact with me and give me the information so I could have these usernames and in return I will make a voice recording just for you or upload videos of your choice or something along those lines. I just really wish I could have these usernames so if any of you happen to be the rightful owner could you please contact me on YouTube or Facebook and let me know

Pretty much if you have the username "Sharolaid" on any site please send me a message.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who is Sharolaid still friends with?

I have gotten video requests for videos to be uploaded with people I no longer speak to and also I have had plenty of folk ask me this question so I am going to clear this up for ya'll.

The main person that people ask who I am still friends with is Brandon Rogers so to answer that question the answer is no.

Brandon does know that I am back and he has for a while now because he emailed me and asked how I was doing I didn't really say much to him I just said I was fine however I don't see him as somebody who was a good friend to me.

When I came back as Vaneesha Jones in 2010 I spoke to Brandon for a little bit and I asked if he could help let people know that I was back and he said he would only help me out if I got Shane Dawson to somehow make a video with him and of course he was only trying to use that to promote himself instead.

I made link to his youtube for the longest time when I quit and he couldn't help me out when I needed him?

Also yeah in many videos that he makes he still talks and acts like me and I bet plenty of people out there who see this in his videos don't even know about me and they laugh and wonder where he got that material from.

I have left comments on some of his videos since I came back and mainly I did that to see if I could get some sort of response from him or to see if he would even show that he cared about me and of course he wouldn't respond and most of the comments I left on videos with him made the top comment so I know he had to of seen them.

I don't want to leave comments on his videos anymore or try to speak to him because I know the kind of person he is and I don't want people to get the wrong message. Any videos with him in them will not be uploaded and if you seen me leave comments on his videos that is why and I won't be doing it anymore.

I also don't have his permission to upload any videos with him in them so I don't feel comfortable doing that.

I haven't spoken to Matthew Lush really since I quit and came back however since he is now good friends with Brandon I wouldn't be surprised if he knew I was back. I did leave a comment on the video that he made with Brandon on his channel and it made top comment but I haven't spoken to Matthew Lush since.

Since I have came back I re-connected with Sharquanda, Lakita and Skankiesha. I have stayed in touch with Croneisha even during the time when I quit. Any videos with them in it will be posted on either Facebook or on tumblr.

Anybody else who I am forgetting you can ask me about and I will update this post. I hope you have a blessed day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jeffree Star Calls Sharolaid - Yumi Damon Copycat Comments

Since I have received comments from folk saying that when Jeffree and I were talking about copycats together he was referring to Yuki Damon and assumed we were talking about people who copied Jeffree so I am going to clear this up for ya'll.

Here are 2 of those comments

Actually Jeffree and I were talking about a boy who copied me in the past because plenty of folk do that too.

Here is a snapshot of Jeffree leaving a comment on the boys video back in the past. This is the boy we were both talking about

Also funny enough Yuki Damon is now copying me in his video called "UFO in Wal-mart" that he made in December of 2012.

He did a copy of my video called Ethel Airlines that I made in 2008.

So yes Yuki Damon is a huge copycat be he wasn't the boy we were talking about.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jeffree Star Comment & Message

I figured since lots of folk have seen the comment that Jeffree Star had left on the phone call video we did that I would let folk know what has happened since.

Here is the comment in case you haven't seen it yet

Well I did send him a message and basically explained what happened since we last taked and I shared a few things with him and told him why I felt he was mad at me and he sent me a reply back and this is what he wrote

So that is about it we aren't friends but we aren't enemies either so I just figured I should let folk know what he said since a few people had asked and wanted to know what happened after that was said.